Esport Racing


Founded over 20 years ago, Team Redline have entered and won hundreds of major titles, competing at the highest level.  We are a multinational team, from the US, Europe and Asia and have a mix of real and virtual drivers, from sim legend Greger Huttu to F1 master Max Verstappen.  We are proudly supported by Heusinkveld, Simucube and Sim Lab .

We compete in the highest level of sim-racing esports, such as the Le Mans Virtual Series, Porsche Supercup Esports Series, IMSA Esports and Gran Turismo Sport and are known as the most successful sim-racing team of all time across multiple titles.  

Some of our achievements include winning both classes in the Le Mans Virtual 2021,  Porsche Esports Supercup Champions, 1st-6th in the Visa Vegas $1mio eRace and 5 x iRacing World Champions.  We also are backed up by some of the greatest talents in real racing across F1 and GT.

Multinational and multi-disciplined with some of the biggest names in racing and esports.

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What is virtual racing?


Sim racing is the purest form of motorsport, allowing passionate racers to come together and compete on the world stage at a fraction of the cost.


Though we call virtual racing titles 'games', they are far from that, many of the titles accurately simulate racing cars and are used as a basis for professional grade simulators for F1 teams.  

With increased accessiblity, the competition level is the highest in the world.


Sim racing is growing as it bridges the gap between real racing and esports, reaching both audiences - the passionate racing fan and gaming fans. This is a global presence, with over 20 million drivers in the racing genre.


Larger competitions are being formed,  starting in 2017 we won the the first $1 million prize with Formula E, the scene is going from strength to strength.   

Now, real world pro's and sim racers sit side-by-side on the grid and compete at the highest level.