Team Redline are a multinational team, comprising of some of the fastest sim-racers in the world.  We have been at the forefront of sim-racing for over 20 years, winning major championships, advising on sim-racing and developing products with partners.


Verstappen.com Racing


We are proudly partnered with Verstappen.com Racing, which is the the combined racing initiatives of Verstappen.com the official platform of Max Verstappen supported by Red Bull.


Based out of Tampere, Finland, Simucube are the world-leader in high-end steering wheel bases.  Our partnership allows us to reach new levels of performance, consistency and results. 


Bringing a new level of engineering to the pedal market, Heusinkveld was a natural fit for our performance.  Not just outright speed, but the consistency and control to go to the limit on track.  Heusinkveld also manufacturer the Sim Pedals Sprint - Team Redline Edition.


Underpinning our performance is our long-standing relationship with Sim-Lab, Sim-Lab create high-end cockpits for comfort and endurance.  Our relationship has seen us create the popular 'TR1' rig - a firm favourite with sim racers.


Alongside our main partners, we are also supported by F33L GG gloves which provide the grip and durability for high-end FFB and Adrenaline Control, one of the leading race driver training facilities in the world.