Team Redline 2018

Our core team stretches across multiple racing titles, from iRacing, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Gran Turismo and Automobilista.

Team Redline GT

Our Gran Turismo team have figured at the top of the leaderboards for many years, with the emergence of GT Sport we will be looking to achieve even more.


Team Redline Alumni

And who can forget, over the years we have had some incredible driving talent;

Pablo Czyrt (TRL Immortal) - currently on sabbatical
Bastien Bartsch - currently real racing in GT
Volker Hackmann - One of the all-time greats
Richard Towler - Currently working for Ubisoft - forgotten how to drive
Brad mcGiveron - GPL master, F12001 king and GTP creator, need I say more
Luke McLean - Travelling the world, GPL, iRacing master
Andy Wilke - Multiple GPL and Nascar champion
Rick Morgan - Retired, multiple world records in all racing titles
Risto Junnilainen - GPL, Nascar, GTR master
Luca Masier - iRacing Pro Series champion, incredibly quick
Miguel Romao - Colin McRae Rally World Champion
Frankie Carbone - TOCA 2 World Champ and F1rc champ
George Duff - Superfast in TOCA2 and LFS
Aubrey Magill - TOCA 2 Champion, Mobil1 race winner
Aki Rasanen - LFS king, whale!
Rick Osborn - GPL, Nascar multiple winner
Crusse (Tony Martin) - Our painter - we miss him!
Erwin Z - Our community manager
John Prather - for 1 race, kind of...!