The undisputed greatest sim racer of all time.  Starting way back with Grand Prix Legends,  Greger has proved himself time and again, winning all major sim-racing championships.  Greger is 5 times iRacing World Champion.



  • 5 times iRacing World Champion

  • Current iRacing Blancpain GT driver

  • Winner Intel Grand Masters

  • Multiple World Records

  • 100 senior titles

  • 35

  • Likes: Fish, cycling, summer,

  • Curb your Enthusiasm, GoT

  • Dislikes: Morning, winter, mämmi

  • Music: Trash Metal, Hard Rock



Greger started playing racing games with Indy 500 and F1GP in the early 90's. He considers Grand Prix Legends as his first proper sim and also the start of his online racing "career". Open wheel road racing has always been his #1 interest but he was also active for a few years in NASCAR oval racing.